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Pop idol of the 1970s, Momoe Yamaguchi became famous at the age of 13, when he sang the song "Green peach[ja]" with the chorus "Do with me what you want. In 1883 a law was passed prohibiting the keeping of concubines. One of the first "pink films" produced the largest film company Nikkatsu[en], steel trilogy "Women"s high school" with Junko Natsu[ja] in the title role and "Report on high school: White chest SKO[en]" (1971). This movement continued until 1956, when it was adopted the law on the prevention of prostitution (Bison Bosio). A number of nude models and mainstream actresses also appeared: Kei Mizutani, Fumie Hosokawa and Tamao Sat?. In rare cases girls come in pornography after an unsuccessful career in show business.

Director Norifumi Suzuki admitted: "I did what was required of me company. [43] "Hea nuudo" (or "Hair nudes") in photography became commonplace, but the ban remained in place for AVs. Film critic Toshio Takasaki[ja] so explained the surge of interest in the film industry to the students: "to Take something pure and innocent, like Schoolgirls, and place them in not Besnainou the situation is every man"s dream".

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From the beginning of 1990-ies the image of Schoolgirls began to be actively used in pornography. acted as partners in life, but not as objects of sexual desire. Another reason became dysfunctional family background: many Japanese families fathers and mothers rarely take part in the decision of household problems and parenting. In the first half of the Japanese chronicle "Kojiki" (712 year) 35 episodes are directly related to sex. Some, however, combined porn and movies, some started with pornography, and then moved into feature films. This may have been a factor in SOD"s success. Ruka Aida was one of the most popular 1995 AV debuts, and became known for refusing to allow her male partners to wear condoms in spite of industry concerns over AIDS. Supervision of admissibility/inadmissibility of the production of such kind of products not maintained by the state, and voluntary organizations such as the Nihon Ethics of Video Association[en], which permits or prohibitions are guided by their principles and interests. "If a man constantly changes women that has intercourse, it will be a great benefit"[1].

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